Game rules

Bricks are removed by pressing the mouse button on them. A single brick cannot be removed, it has to be connected to at least on more brick of the same color.

Every brick removed is worth 2 points

For every 4 bricks of the same color that you remove you receive a bonus multiplier. That is, if you remove 5 bricks you get a x2 multiplier, if you remove 8 bricks, you get a x3 multiplier and so on.

For every 5 bricks of the same color that you remove you raise the flooder bar of that color. The flooder bar allows you to, when filled, remove all bricks of that color on the board.

Flooding the table does not raise the flooder bar

Use the flooder bar by pressing the mousebutton on it when filled.


This game is inspired by many other puzzle games, but mainly a mobile phone game called Block'd which can be found in nomerous clones all over the internet.

The game is simple and uses what I refer to as the flooding technique when it comes to checking the game state.

The flooding technique is based on an algorithm originally used to calculate the size of an area selected in, say, a paint program. Think of the 'bucket' tool in any drawing program, it will most likely use this flooding technique.

Personally I've been trying to develop games through javascript (jQuery) for about a month now since I'm not to fond of Flash and such. The idea of creating javascript games is to let the user feel free of third party software used to run these games.

Hope you enjoy it!

/Magnus Ferm

I hope you haven't missed that Flooder 2: Flood Again is out in the open! Try it now!